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Who studies at Mekom Torah?
What does the name "Mekom Torah" mean?
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The Mekom Torah teaching philosophy:

  1. Never waste people's time.
  2. If the material is really interesting, you don't need gimmicks to get people to pay attention.
  3. Pretty much everybody can learn to ask really good questions.

Some statistics as Mekom Torah enters its seventh year:

    • Approximately 65 teens have participated in Mekom Torah High School over the years. They have come from Reconstructionist, Conservative, Orthodox, and unaffiliated backgrounds, and a number of them have continued through their senior year of high school.
    • Close to 150 people have participated in Mekom Torah adult study groups, also from a broad range of backgrounds. Another 20 people have been involved in family education, bringing the total number of people touched by Mekom Torah to more than 230. Many participants continue with the same or different study groups year after year.
    • Over the past six years, Mekom Torah has provided employment and mentorship to about 20 rabbinical students, recent graduates, and other rising Jewish leaders.