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Adult Study Offerings - 5774

  • Delve deeply into the structure, content, and meaning of the Jewish prayer liturgy. Meets monthly on a Tuesday evening.

  • Sign up with a friend or a significant other, or come alone and find a partner for the evening. Each session includes some one-on-one conversational learning in which you have a chance to develop your questions and comments to bring to the group. This is the best, and the most traditional, way to learn! Meets monthly on a Tuesday evening.

  • Engage in the lifetime practice of Jewish learning. Experience the irresistible draw of Bible, Talmud, midrash, and liturgy. Learn the Jewish art of asking questions, uncovering the layers of meaning in texts, and letting them shed light on the past and the present. This class follows the interests of the students and the teacher, addressing issues that are relevant to our Jewish and human lives. Meets weekly, on Monday evenings. Returning and new members are welcome. Sign up by semester if you prefer! (Discount on tuition if you commit to a whole year.)

  • Bring Jewish learning to your work week. This group meets every other week, at various locations in Center City, always within a few blocks of City Hall. The goal is to add a refreshing and meaningful change to our work week, while making Torah study a fixture in our lives and a fixture in our city. We will begin with a focus on Midrash - ancient rabbinic interpretations of the Bible. As the group develops and interests emerge, we will be free to explore other areas of interest. Meets every other Thursday.

  • Crack open the texts, practices, and ideas that are the foundation of Judaism. Taste the way study works as a sustaining element of Jewish life. Geared toward a broad range of backgrounds.  Meets once a month, on Saturday mornings. Change your life!

  • This group is open to women who want to explore Jewish ritual and tradition to reveal meaning and connectedness that is relevant to their lives as women, as individuals, and as members of the world.

  • This course is for people who already have a little bit of Hebrew under their belts. You should know the letters, be able to read familiar prayers from the Hebrew, and recognize a few words here and there. Depending on your level going in and on how hard you work, you can expect to acquire a basic understanding of Biblical Hebrew grammar, gain some good dictionary skills, and improve your ability to use a parallel translation to gain direct access to the Hebrew text.