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Adult Study Offerings - 5775

This year's theme: Kick your Hebrew Up a Notch!
Co-sponsored by Mekom Torah, Beth Israel, and Ohev Shalom

No tuition. Funded instead by voluntary contributions. See course descriptions for suggested contribution amounts. To learn more about the finances of Mekom Torah, see

  • For everybody! This course does not assume any knowledge of Hebrew – everything will be translated at every step. In each session we will examine and experience a central prayer, unpacking its meaning word by word, phrase by phrase, coming to understand and own its deeper meaning. Meets monthly on a Tuesday evening.

  • If you don’t know the Hebrew letters yet it’s time to get started! Six week crash courses in reading Hebrew will be offered by Ohev Shalom and Beth Israel throughout the year.

  • If you have at least a basic grasp of the letters - if you can pretty much sound out them out, even if you aren’t quick at it - you are ready for this class. It is welcoming and friendly. Open yourself to it!

  • If you are up for a little more challenge: This is perfect for people who chant Torah or lead prayer and are ready to really understand the words that come out of their mouth. Learn the vocabulary of the Bible. Delve deep into the structure of the language to discover its wealth and power.

  • Bring Jewish learning to your work week. This group meets every other week, at various locations in Center City, always within a few blocks of City Hall. The goal is to add a refreshing and meaningful change to our work week, while making Torah study a fixture in our lives and a fixture in our city. We will begin with a focus on Midrash - ancient rabbinic interpretations of the Bible. As the group develops and interests emerge, we will be free to explore other areas of interest. Meets every other Thursday.

  • The women's circle this year is led by Rabbi Danielle Parmenter. This is an intimate circles that meet at the homes of members, so the group is capped at 12 members. The circle is full for this year.